Clock Watch Presents….”Along The Iron Pike” with the late Joe Easley

joeeas2 Staten Island Artists

Joe Easley, Railroad April 1972 : 33 Credit: Hubbard, Freeman, “The Editor’s Waybill”

Joe Easley’s pictorial feature “Along the Iron Pike” broke the worlds’ record for longtime appearance of an artist’s work in any magazine, running from September of 1935 until September of 1971. He also illustrated stories for the magazine using pen and ink and wash, contributed cartoons and hundreds of other pen sketches. Working as a free lance pro, he supplied cartoons to Collier’s, the Saturday Evening Post and other magazines. One of his many customers was the New York Central Railroad for whom he drew pictures commercially for newspaper and magazine ads.

He was a stickler for accuracy, keeping files of newspaper and magazine clippings of railroad scenes. His real resource for true detail came from his colorful life. Joe traveled hundreds of miles on the rails, spending time in Alaska just after the gold rush and in San Francisco on the day of the earthquake. In Seattle he entered a cartoon contest for amateurs and won first prize, two dollars! He took three lessons from a correspondence school and then quit. In New York he attended two art schools but it wasn’t until after 1918 that he earned a living as an artist.

His style is free and easy, not stiff, yet it had form and substance. His devotion to his hobby and his memories of his life on the rails explain his accuracy in portraying the railroad in a realistic manner.


Here are some RARE Easley pictures that have never gone to print. These were among Mr. Easley’s personal belongings at the time of his death. You could consider them the lost, last of Joe Easley’s artwork and may be your only opportunity to make one of his treasures your own. They are all composed on artist board using pencil, pen or charcoal. The borders you see are not a part of Easley’s work but have been added for the web only… if you would like dimensions or any other information on these works please feel free to contact me.

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