Model T Fords Restoration 

Below are photos of two Model T Fords that I own. I guess when you get involved with T’s they are contagious. This must be why I have two and am searching for a third. 
The one on the left is a 1925 Roadster Pickup.  It is a late model and I am fully restoring it. The body is off the chassis and I am redoing the wood, as a matter of fact restoring everything, bringing it back to the way she rolled out of the factory.  The one on the right is a 1924  Touring car.
Would you like to see one in action? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a quick video.
model T2 300x224 Model T Ford
touring 300x225 Model T Ford
For the Roadster I first had to find a machine shop that was capable of doing these procedures.  I was lucky enough to find Jordan Performance in Conway SC… when I brought the block in the guys looked at me like I had two heads, they are used to working on big competition engines and when I told them the maximum horsepower would be about 20 they all but laughed at me. They said it might be too overwhelming for them … of course they were joking. I owe Dennis and the guys at the shop way beyond thanks for the work they have done for me on this engine.
Step by step what I have accomplished thus far is:
Rebuilt the engine and transmission
Completely disassembled the engine block
Had the engine cleaned and zyglo to look for cracks.. there were none
Had the guys at the machine shop top the engine, bore the engine, put valve seats in the engine, they also cut the rear main so I could have a full surface of babbit like the Model A has
Once I brought it home I poured new babbit then back to the machine shop for line boring.. you will see a photo below with the block being line bored. 
boring2 300x225 Model T Ford
Here are pictures of the engine and transmission on a test engine stand. I have about 30 hours run time on it, the magneto works and everything is working as it should. 
running t 300x225 Model T Ford
                         running t 2 300x225 Model T Ford
Now I am in the process of restoring a steel pick up bed for it. This is a 1925 and they only made this particular bed one year. I completely took out all of the rivets to disassemble it and had it sand blasted and will be fitting it back together again while I straighten everything out. I was referred to Dean Hucks who is the owner of D & R Auto Body and Paint in Conway. They are doing the sand blasting … I am so lucky that they are close to home! Another great bunch of guys…
March 27, 2012   Below you will see photos of the new wood being installed in the body and the body panels fit back on.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DSC07197 300x225 Model T Ford

DSC07205 300x225 Model T Ford


DSC07204 300x225 Model T Ford

Here are a few photos of the pickup bed… it has been sandblasted and I fitting it back together again with nuts and bolts … it will be re-rivetted eventually.
DSC07202 300x225 Model T Ford
    DSC07203 300x225 Model T Ford

Work in progress

IMG 0663 300x225 Model T Ford
IMG 0462 300x225 Model T Ford




I am always interested in purchasing parts for and Model T Fords…